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If there’s one store you can count on for all your styling calls, LEATHER HUSTLERS stands out as a one-stop solution. We specialize in fashionable jackets that are exclusively designed by professionals and then handcrafted into a solid statement piece. After wearing one of our Real Leather Jackets, you’re guaranteed to feel the quality and hard work that goes behind the making. Our massive catalog includes several designs and shades, including timeless colors like Motorbike Leather Jackets and Aviator Leather Jacket as well as unconventional colors like tan, maroon, blue, and grey. And that’s not all. We take it even further with distressed leather jackets for people who desire a weathered look.


We have launched some of most premium designs of Our Registered UK Trademark LEATHER HUSTLERS Designs. As you know Boxing is one of the most popular & recognizable sports in the world and has also been said to be the most dangerous sport in the world as well. Boxing as a sport has been practiced longer than most might think, the sport dates back to Ancient Greece, where the fighters’ hands were wrapped in rawhide, this was also intended as a method of causing more bodily injury to the opponent as well. The style of boxing gloves we all know today was introduced in England back in the 18th century, where boxing was becoming popular again and eventually recognized as an official sport.



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